Hello! Thank you for visiting Cusom Herb Grinders! We specialized in selling kick ass customized herb grinders. Our grinders are made from100% pure anodized aircraft aluminum. Extremely strong and durable herb grinders. Laser engraved grinders will never fade and last a lifetime or money back guarantee. Upload your own image to get engraved on your grinder. Any image that will fit on the herb grinder will be able to be engraved at the highest quality. You can even put a face on your herb grinder. Check out our gallery of cool herb grinder designs. Herb grinders are made from CNC machines to ensure perfect quality. The best grinders around! Our unique herb grinders can only be found here. No headshop or websites offers you custom herb grinders like ours. Choose from multiple colors to design your herb grinders. They come in all sizes and colors. Personalize from multiple designs. Select cool dashing fonts to engrave on your grinder. Custom herb grinders are unique and can only be found here at Custom herb grinders have the best prices and super fast shipping. We ship 1-2 business days after you place your order. Herb grinders ship in descrete boxes. Why spend so much on sharpstone grinders when you could get a herb grinder from us for half the price! Dont waste your time and money looking for herb grinders at headshops. Save your money by ordering your herb grinders from Custom Herb Grinders is the place to get your personalized herb grinders. We offer priority shipping. We also engrave dugouts/tobacco one hitters. Upload you own image to engrave on your tobacco one hitter! One hitters come in maple wood large and small. Oney box’s are made from maple wood and come with a cigarette bat. Texts come in multiple different fonts to engrave on your wooden one hitter. Dugouts ship 1-2 business days after your order. Onei’s are durable and will last a really long time. One hitters are made from metal and will always maintain their high quality.

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